Improving Skills and Techniques

It can be extremely difficult to determine if training and coaching is effective and improves your organization’s sales performance. SalesCongo does this for you. Going beyond CRM forecasts, funnels, and tracking, SalesCongo provides a direct correlation between training/coaching and results.

The On-Boarding Journey

Many organizations have what is called an "on-boarding" process for new sales representatives that involves concerted effort in the first three months and, over time, morphs into an ongoing process whereby both new and experienced reps receive reinforcement training/coaching, new product introductions, competitive and pricing info, etc. At SalesCongo, we recognize this journey - and the lack of integrated tools to assist in making this process efficient and timely for sales representatives. Sales force productivity can be dramatically improved by managing this process with our CongoSuite™.

CongoSuite™ Benefits

  • Single system, integrated with your CRM, providing constant feedback on the coaching and learning journeys of your team
  • Cloud-based application available wherever you are: PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices
  • Communicate with certainty – instead of “black hole” emails
  • Get real-time insights into team progress on the skills and techniques that drive high performance
  • Correlate sales training/coaching with performance
  • Rapid ROI; maximize your CRM investment